Chat Topic Schedule

We merged #TVWriterchat back into #Scriptchat, dedicating the
first Sunday of every month to "TV Talk."

There are only two rules for the chat: 
     1. Bring your tequila and leave your ego behind.
     2. It's not a competition, it's a community.

  Sundays 5:00PM to 6:00PM PT - chat instructions here.
A full list of our past #scriptchat guests can be found here.

2017 Chat Schedule

January 2017:

1st: NO CHAT - Happy New Year!

8th: NO CHAT - Golden Globes

15th: Vincent Vittorio @2v of Life Is My Movie Entertainment - TOPIC: Documentary films.
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

22nd: Jenna Avery @JennaAvery (screenwriter, writing coach, Called to Write Coaching Circle founder) TOPIC: Designing your writing life & setting goals for the year ahead. 
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

29th:  Anthony Grieco @swimcharlieswim (Writer, story consultant, 2015 Academy Nicholl Fellow. Co-author of The Pocket Screenwriting Guide 120 Tips for Getting to Fade Out)
Zac Sanford @zacsandford moderating.

February 2017:

5th: NO CHAT - Super Bowl

12th: Tim Schildberger @timschildberger of @LiveReadLA - TOPIC: Writing effective scene descriptions and how to handle one-line dialogue for your supporting characters.
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

19th: Lee Jessup @leezjessup (career coach for professional & emerging screenwriters, author of Getting It Write: An Insider’s Guide To A Screenwriting Career and coming soon Breaking In: Tales From The Screenwriting Trenches) - TOPIC: Breaking In.
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

26th: NO CHAT - Academy Awards

March 2017:

5th: TOPIC: Finding time to write - moderated by @authorjamie Jamie Livingston-Dierks

12th: TOPIC: How to tell when your script is ready for market? (Or is it ever)
Zac Sanford @zacsanford moderating.

19th: William C. Martell @wcmartell (screenwriter, author of screenwriting Blue Books, ScriptSecrets.Net) - TOPIC: Structuring Your Story.
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

26th: Melissa Hilfers @melissahilfers - Melissa is a pro screenwriter (UNDONE, UNFIT), successfully navigating the industry from NYC, most recently signed on to adapt the popular thriller BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

April 2017:

2nd: Writing Fresh Dialogue - moderated by @authorjamie Jamie Livingston-Dierks

9th: TOPIC: Breaking into TV - Deanna Shumaker @deannashumaster writer on BLINDSPOT

16th: NO CHAT - Easter/Passover

23rd: Nicole Jones-Dion @novaris (writer/director who specializes in genre films, DRACULA: THE DARK PRINCE, STASIS, DEBRIS) -- Nicole is currently in pre-production on a YA fantasy and has several projects in development with her mentor, Sean Cunningham (creator of FRIDAY THE 13TH), including horror/thriller THE ELEVATOR GAME. 
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

30th: Adam Levenberg @StarterScript

May 2017:

7th: TOPIC: Short films with guest Shoshana Rosenbaum @ShoshanaRosenba writer/director GOBLIN BABY, HIDE & SEEK

14th: NO CHAT - Mother's Day

21st: TOPIC: Scott Stoops @hellastoopss, manager at Good Fear, talking about screenwriting contest tips! Roadmap Writers @roadmapwriters co-hosting.

28th: NO CHAT - Memorial Day

June 2017:

4th: Open Topic

11th: Bob Schultz @PitchfestBob and Signe Olynyk @Screenwriter12 TOPIC: Pitching
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

18th: NO CHAT - Father's Day

25th: Carole Kirschner @CaroleKirsch Entertainment Career Coach. Director of WGA Showrunner Training Program & CBS Writers Program. Kicked out of Girl Scouts for telling a dirty joke. TOPIC: Strategies that will help you break into the business.
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

July 2017:

2nd: NO CHAT - Independence Day

9th: Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants & Educators [EIACE] Members - Stay tuned to see which member will be our guest!

16th: Elliot Grove @Elliot_Grove of Raindance @Randance and @RaindanceNYC

23rd: Scotty Mullen @scottymullen writer of SHARKNADO 5

30th: Gary King @grking - TOPIC: Writing Horror Genre

August 2017:

6th: Short Films - Writing and Production, guest @kimbergie and the crew of Our Own (a short film)

13th: Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants & Educators [EIACE] Members - Stay tuned to see which member will be our guest!


27th: Writing Your First TV Pilot with Nick Watson @_njwatson and Alex Freedman @TVcalling

September 2017:

3rd: NO CHAT - Labor Day

10th: Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants & Educators [EIACE] Members - Stay tuned to see which member will be our guest!

17th: NO CHAT - Tentative date for Emmy Awards


October 2017:

1st: Loglines - Why are the so hard to write?


15th: Happy 8th Anniversary #Scriptchat! TOPIC: Knowing what you know now, if you could turn back time to 2009 (when our chat started), what would you do differently in your writing career?



November 2017:




26th: NO CHAT - Thanksgiving

December 2017:




24th: NO CHAT - Christmas/Chanukah

Upcoming Scriptchat Topics/Guests for 2017
  • Getting your script read in the modern day of Hollywood.
  • Screenwriting Exercises to bulk up your writing muscles.
  • Travis Beacham @travisbeacham (PACIFIC RIM, KILLING ON CARNIVAL ROW)
  • Hayley McKenzie @HayleyMcKenzie1 Script Editor 
  • Kevin Biegel @kbiegel (COUGAR TOWN, ENLISTED, SCRUBS)